Third Fleet leads naval forces in the Eastern Pacific from the West Coast of North America to the international date line and is responsible for providing realistic, relevant training necessary for an effective global Navy.

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By Chief Mass Communication Specialist Terry L. Feeney, Commander, U.S. 3rd Fleet Public Affairs

SAN FRANCISCO (NNS) — A Senior Leadership Seminar (SLS) was held aboard USS Makin Island (LHD 8) Oct. 4 and continues through Oct. 5.

The seminar focuses on the federal response capabilities to local and state requirements in the event of a major natural disaster in the San Francisco Bay Area.

“”The Senior Leadership Seminar is not just about the panels, it’s shaking a hand, looking each other in the eye and knowing we’re in this together,” said Vice Adm. Gerald Beaman, commander, U.S. Third Fleet. “Each of us, together, bring capabilities to each situation.”

This is the third time the SLS has been held in conjunction with San Francisco Fleet Week, and the second time it’s been held aboard Makin Island. It offers an opportunity for senior Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard leaders to interact with local, state and regional leaders to focus on disaster preparedness and response.

In attendance for SLS was former Secretary of State George Schulz, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, and various officials from the San Francisco and Oakland Fire and Police departments, along with medical and relief organizations. In addition to the sea services, the U.S. Army and Air Force were also represented.

“This seminar is invaluable,” said San Francisco Police Department Deputy Chief Denise Schmitt. “This is an opportunity to think ahead, to plan, and to expand our horizon. Meeting these senior leaders is a way to network. Knowing what equipment is available and to see it in action helps us to see the way ahead for improving our capablities.”

Being ready to provide humanitarian assistance and disaster response in the event of potential natural or man-made disasters is a core capability of the Sea Services Maritime Strategy. Doing so takes advantage of the fact that the Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard are a rapidly deployable, technologically advanced team that is poised for action in a variety of roles as part of our nation’s joint force.

“The sea services bring a very important capability – logistics,” said San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee. “What I saw yesterday at Ocean Beach was a demonstration of that. In one hour, an emergency surgical tent was set up to handle casualties. It’s that capability that will be important for this city if there is an emergency.”

The SLS is just one facet of San Francisco Fleet Week that recognizes the sacrifices and contributions of the sea services, past and present. Sailors, Marines and Coast Guardsmen are woven into the fabric of the community – as neighbors, volunteers and citizens actively working together to enhance the quality of life in the Bay Area.

Makin Island is the first United States Navy ship to be equipped with gas turbines and an electric drive system, replacing the older technology of steam boilers. With the ship’s electric drive running, which is similar in functionality to that of a hybrid car, it is possible to transit longer distances using less fuel.

Additionally, Makin Island is the first U.S. Navy ship to have an advanced electrical plant that powers all of the ship’s auxiliaries, including the capability to produce 200,000 gallons of fresh water every day.

Operated by a crew of more than 1,000 Sailors, Makin Island is a multi-mission platform that is equipped to meet the needs of our country, whether that is supporting national objectives or by providing disaster relief.

Makin Island’s revolutionary technology is estimated to save the Navy $250 million throughout its 40-year lifecycle and is a model for future ship designs.

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SAN FRANCISCO (NNS) – Three ships of the U.S. Navy’s 3rd Fleet are scheduled to visit San Francisco to participate in the 31st annual San Francisco Fleet Week Oct. 4-9.

The ships participating include the amphibious assault ship USS Makin Island (LHD 8), guided-missile destroyers USS Spruance (DDG 111) and USS Preble (DDG 88).

San Francisco Fleet Week 2012 (SFFW 12) is an opportunity for the American public to meet their Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard team and to experience the best of the sea services. More than 2,500 Sailors, Marines and Coast Guardsmen are scheduled to participate in SFFW 12 to celebrate the shared maritime history of the naval services and the Bay Area. This event will showcase naval personnel, equipment, technology and capabilities with an emphasis on humanitarian assistance and disaster response (HA/DR).

SFFW 12 will include the third annual Senior Leadership Seminar (SLS), which brings together leaders from the military along with local, regional, state and federal agencies and the private sector to discuss their capabilities to respond to a natural disaster in the Bay Area. The SLS provides senior Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard leaders an excellent opportunity to build partnerships with their local, state and regional counterparts that are involved in disaster preparedness and response.

There will be several opportunities for the public to interact with the crew and leadership of the participating ships during SFFW 12. In addition to the SLS, there will be an HA/DR-themed static display area at the Marina Green, ship tours, Urban Search and Rescue Training involving SFPD, SFFD, Sailors and Marines at Treasure Island, the Parade of Ships, Battle of the Bands in Golden Gate Park, and Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard participation in the Italian Heritage Day Parade and the San Francisco 49ers Military Salute game. Additionally, the Blue Angels will perform along the waterfront during the Fleet Week air show.

U.S. 3rd Fleet leads naval operations across 50 million square miles of the eastern and northern Pacific Ocean, from the west coast of the United States to the International Date Line.

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